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We provide best software to improve patient care

We help healthcare facilities improve patient care by supplying the tools, implementation and support services necessary for responsible patient care. Our software gives physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and clinicians immediate access to critical patient information.

Our applications include laboratory Information system, Hospital Information System, Laboratory Analyzer interfacing software and many more.

Digital Health Communications

Specializing in digital health communications, mHealth, social media, mobile, app development, marketing, media, web, and interactive programs.

  • Mobile and mHealth
  • App Development
  • Social Media
  • User Experience and Usability
  • Online Community Development

Laboratory Information Systems Implementation

PatientTime laboratory system tracks patient specimens and laboratory results.

Advisory Services

PatientTime advises health system leadership how to best approach their largest IT, Infrastructure, budgetary, and change management needs

EHR Implementation

PatientTime provides implementation services, training and support solutions to assist organisations in bringing their systems live and ensuring users are fully trained.

GIS Reporting

PatientTime has a team of specialists to map diseases, diagnoses, injuries and presenting complaints, collected during clinical consultations, to local areas within defined geographical borders. This helps planners to identify disease hotspots in real-time and rapidly deploy strategies to control the spread of diseases or the prevention of injuries.

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