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Customer : Kaima Farmers Alliance
Category : Non-Governmental Organisation
Date : 21 May, 2017
Status : Completed
Live website :

Description of project

Rural farmers in Ghana are not noted to produce enough food previously, probably due to some constraints that lead to lack of access to timely and up-to-date information which would have enabled them to achieve optimal yield from their farmlands. Such information is highly desired by these farmers and can only be made available to them via extension workers, community libraries, state and local government agricultural agencies, e-mail or the World Wide Web (WWW). In this modern day of information technology, Kaima Farmers Alliance thought of providing the rural farmers with prompt and reliable information about what is happening in areas of improved seedlings, better methods of cultivation and fertilizer application, pest and weed control/eradication, new advances in livestock production and disease control etc. through their web presence

Process of project

Website design and development projects can be configured and executed an infinite number of ways. As a result, a well-structured process that balances discipline with flexibility is imperative to the success of an interactive project. At PatientTime Limited, we understand each of the variables that impact project cost and scope, and we know how to tailor our process to keep things on track while accommodating our clients’ needs.

The lack of access to basic agricultural knowledge and information by rural farmers in Ghana local communities may be as a result of certain constraints, this has made these farmers to stick to their old traditional methods of farming system and animal husbandry practice, hence resulting in poor crop and livestock productivity. Information and knowledge are very vital in agricultural development of any community and where they are poorly disseminated as a result of certain constraints, the community’s agricultural development becomes highly impeded.

For easy access and effective utilization of agricultural information in this digital age, there is need for establishment of a website. Therefore, this website was designed to curb the constraints of the rural farmers in Ghana for accessing agricultural information.

PatientTime Limited team, not only knows how to give a good company image, but also how to give you the image that’s right for your business and industry. At patientTime limited, we know the ins and outs of marketing as well as creativity. An effective agriculture website must not only be pleasant to look at, but also be easy to navigate, user friendly, download fast, be search engine optimized, user friendly and work properly. Therefore, a very professional mobile friendly and cross platform website was designed by PatientTime Limited for Kaima Farmers Alliance to curb the situation at hand.

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